Florists, old and new!

The picture on the right is a “design” done by my 4 year old grand daughter. I was busily working on a design for a client and Hanne wanted to do her own. She began picking up discarded material on the floor, soaked a hunk of oasis, inserted it in a container, and went to work. When I turned around to see what she was up to– voila! I think I might hire her!!!! Think she might work for chocolate Easter eggs???

On the left is a picture taken in a florist shop in New York City about 1910.  My son texted this one to me. He is a wonderful photographer in his own right.  He loves the early photos of NYC. Flowers don’t change through time, but fashions sure do. Then it all circles back. Hope your March is beginning to turn into Spring, melting snows, and warmth! Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day!!!!!!

I keep up with my Facebook page (barely), and I forgot all about the blog! So here I am to remind all of you to place your orders for Valentine’s Day flowers as soon as possible. You can’t believe how fast the roses go, especially red roses. The growers only have so many and then…. so ORDER NOW! If you order from me think about chocolate too. Bon Bon is our chocolate store on the Island and they are fabulous. Lisa’s fudge comes in so many different flavors it’s unbelievable!!! It’s the best fudge I’ve ever tasted!!! She has lots of old fashioned candies and imported chocolates and hand made local chocolates. You can’t go wrong!

Here are four different styles. And there are others. One is exotic, one contemporary, one traditional and the heart!

Different colors for Christmas

We all think of red,  green and white for Christmas decorations, as well as silver and gold. But this client knew his wife loved purple. It was for their anniversary as well. It was fun to think in terms of another color! Many folks are choosing to use one color as the dominant theme for the holidays. The traditional colors are still the happiest, but it’s fun to experiment with other ideas too. I once watched a video of a family who lived in an ultra modern contemporary home who really pushed the envelope. They decided to have multiple trees. One tree was completely yellow (including the tree itself)! Another was pink, another was electric blue, another was orange. What a surprise!! You wouldn’t think it would work but it did! Very, very cheerful! So don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it’s just a little area you want to experiment with. You can’t help but be smiling when you’re finished!! Have a great holiday season!  Pipper

A Christmas Gift that keeps on giving!

I deliver flowers to a lot of elderly people, many of whom live alone, have health problems or can’t afford much. When they open their door and see the flowers, the expression on their faces is priceless. they are so happy! Someone thought about them! Someone wanted to make their day a little brighter.

If you are one of the grown children of one of these folks or have a special relative or friend, here’s an idea for a Christmas present that keeps on giving for as long as you want. Send a bouquet once a month or twice a month or (heaven forbid!) every week! You will make a lonely, elderly person very, very, happy!

Give me a call at 206) 780-4242 and let’s talk about it!

Christmas is coming!!!!

It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here. TV advertisers are already out there with        Christmas promotions. So I’m joining in! On my website under “Special Occasions” and “Events” is a  partial price list for foundation  building things like wreaths, garlands, pine cones, etc.  There is so  much available to decorate with for any holiday occasion using any color scheme. Just give Pipper a  call (206-780-4242). We can work with any budget, do it yourself or have Pipper do it for you. It’s time  to put all the negative energy aside and think HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

COLOR!!!! what do you see?

When you think the color PURPLE, what color do you see? It seems to be the color a number of brides are choosing this year and next. But there is a wee bit of a problem here. When a bride chooses a color for her wedding, she tends to use words like periwinkle or peach or taupe or… well, you get the idea. These adjectives just don’t do the job. Mostly because every person sees a different color when they hear one of these words.

When I meet with a bride I pull out the color wheel, either physically or verbally or both! Take the word purple. Do you see a blue purple or a red purple? Have I lost you yet? Take a look at the roses pictured here. The roses on the left are red purple. The rose on the right is a blue purple. There is a huge difference here.

One bride I worked with was adamant about using only the blue purple. It is not hard to come up with flowers in this color spectrum – until you start looking for roses. Especially deep purple roses.  For all intents and purposes, there are no deep purple roses on the wholesale market.  What did we do? The bride opted for a deep purple floral spray.  It worked!!

Another bride went with the red purple. No problems here. Thank goodness!! So rethink how you talk about color, ladies. Use color terms rather than adjectives that describe objects, not colors.

Periwinkle? Do you mean light blue or dark blue?

Peach? Uh, a pink orange or a red orange? Pastel or full color?

Mint? Dark green or light green?

You get the idea.  Make sure when you consult with your florist/party planner you bring color examples with you. A great way to go is to go to the hardware store and pick up paint samples in the exact colors you like. It will work magic for you! Good luck!

Summer time and the living is easy…

Happy Summer everyone! As long as it doesn’t get too hot I’m a happy camper. When flowers come in from the wholesalers the first thing that happens is that they  are rehydrated. They sit in this solution for several hours. In hot weather the roses start to pop. Thank goodness deliveries usually come in the early morning! Then into fertilizer they go and into the cooler. Whew!

This year has been the best ever, many thanks to all of you! The best part of being a florist is delivering to the client and seeing their faces when they answer the door. Seeing that big smile says it all. When you order flowers you are making many people happy! The longer the flowers last, the longer there are happy people. Ripples in a pond…

Keep in mind that many florists accept vases that have been pre-used. I do. They get washed, sterilized, and used again. An environmentally sound idea. I also check around in antique stores for vases. I refuse to pay over a certain amount because I don’t want to pass the cost on to the consumer. But some of these vases are priceless when flowers are placed in them.

And don’t forget, many of our growers are certified organic! Yes, the industry is really trying to make our world a better place in as many ways as we can think of.

Order now for Mothers’ Day!!!!

Your mother is probably one of the most important people in your life. She knows you better than anyone else, and, she’s known you longer than anyone else has. There have been many times you’ve wished she wasn’t your mom, but, face it, she probably has felt the same way about you. What it all comes down to is FAMILY! And mom is the head of the family no matter what dad thinks! So show her how much you love and respect her.

Send her flowers designed especially for her. Does she prefer a traditional lifestyle or is she more contemporary, living with contemporary furnishings? Does she love to garden? Does she love to travel? What are her hobbies, her profession? We can create an arrangement to suit her personality!

Additionally, at Pipper’s Flowers, our message cards are the usual size message card, but they are 100% rag watercolor paper with an accompanying envelope. Pipper does a small water color on one side which can be cut out and placed in one of those wonderfully small frames as a keepsake.

Keep in mind, the Bon Bon here on Bainbridge is a wonderful candy store with the best home made fudge and imported chocolates, including truffles hand made by local confectioners. You can’t go wrong by including a small box of chocolates for Mom!!!

Place your order as soon as possible, before the last minute rush! If you have something special in mind you would like us to do for your mom, just let us know. We are here to serve you and make your mother’s day extra special!

Want to Make your Girl Happy?

How happy do you want her to be? Flowers can be purchased in any price range. Whatever you are comfortable with! Whether it is a just a single rose or a full blown huge arrangement, you can be assured, if your sweetheart receives  flowers from the local florist for no reason at all, she will be over the moon! Just do it!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Spring is here! I love this time of year. All the new growth, fresh green leaves, spring flowers popping out on trees, shrubs and from the ground. It is incredibly lovely. When you take a drive on the Olympic Peninsula you see hills covered with dark green Douglas fir and intermittent groves of alder. The alder has taken on a light, airy, burnt sienna brush across their tops, the silvery grey beneath, holding up the cloud like mass.  After awhile it takes on a purplish hue. Nature is stunning.

Being a florist is a wonderful gift. To be able to take all this color and vibrancy to a different level is also a responsibility I don’t take lightly. After completing a design I feel happy with, I sometimes take a picture. It isn’t until I look at the picture blown up on the computer that I see all the flaws and wish I had seen them before I made the delivery. I get so wrapped up in working with the flowers I forget myself and what humanity has determined to be the correct way to do things.

There is a lesson here. One which we should consider carefully. People make up rules, expecting others to live by them. These rules are constantly changing as does the need for them.  Until nature decides to do otherwise. Who is to decide what is right and what is wrong? under what circumstances? Life itself is a learning process, one which can never be completely achieved. We are lucky to observe and learn as much as our small minds can. Good luck!!!