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What species is this?

Do you know what flower species this is? It’s called Caramel. This species has to be one of my favorites because it comes in so many colors, it has wonderful texture, and it lasts so long in an arrangement!! I have been told many times by clients not to include this species because they don’t like it. What a shame!!! It’s a wonderful flower.

A New Design

This is a picture taken from the designers at Botanical Brouhaha on Facebook. I call this the Romantic Garden look.  It is becoming increasingly popular not only with brides, but for everyday work as well. This particular design is an interesting take on an asymmetrical look. The idea is to make the arrangement look like you walked out into the garden and came back into the house with your arms laden with beautiful flowers of all kind.

Here you see garden roses, dahlias, stock, snow in summer, ranunculus, and other interesting flowers. It takes a little practice to do this design right! It needs to look as though you didn’t actually design it. Believe it or not, it takes a little thought!

If you want your florist to make a design like this for you, be aware. It will be expensive. What makes this design really sing is the variety and great number of different flowers and  greenery. Texture is all important.

Flowers are more expensive today due to drought conditions within the grower community. If there is an overabundance of rain, or unseasonal cold, problems arise. I try to use local growers as much as possible, but keep this in mind. Many of the flowers florists use come from all over the world depending on the season.  Hawaiian flowers are really expensive, but boy! do we like to use them (orchids, anthurium, philodendron leaf, pincushion, etc.) Out of season tulips come from Holand, Africa is another source of flower growers. South America is huge in rose growers as well as other flowers.  These flowers all have to be flown in and transported as quickly as possible. They have to be kept cool and, hopefully, in water, although this rarely happens.

And one last reminder! Call a local florist in the area nearest the recipient!!! If you call a wire service, they take up to 20% off the top of your price, call the florist for you, who then has to take off a delivery charge and local taxes.  If you spend $100, by the time your friend gets the arrangement it is barely worth $50!

For Valentine’s Day, place your order early. Flowers go fast! If you call last minute and want two doz. red roses, you may not get that! There may only be a mixture of left over colors! Florists bend over backward to do the best possible for you. We want you to be happy!!! And flowers do just that!