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It is extremely important to keep fresh flowers on hand at all times. Florists need to be aware of the shelf life of their flowers, and replace them with fresh stock in a timely manner.

When new stock comes in it should be rehydrated immediately. A species could have been out of water anywhere from one day to one week! Those stem cells need to be reopened by giving them a fresh cut and placed in a solution that will open the cells and kill bacteria.

After the cells have had a chance to reopen (the cells of a rose close within 5 seconds of being in the air!!), the flowers should be placed in fertilizer and then into a cooler.  These steps help the flowers last a lot longer.

After an arrangement has been made it should be sprayed with a solution that helps the flowers retain their moisture. This solution allows the flowers to continue breathing, but they won’t loose as much water through transpiration.

Ask your florist if their shop follows these procedures. The industry has done a lot of research concerning this and we should all be following these standards.  After all, you, the client, pay a lot of money for an arrangement and it should last as long as possible.  There is no excuse for the recipient to receive flowers that die with in a day!!

WARNING: wire service rip off

WARNING: This concerns the use of wire services when placing a flower order.

I just spoke with a young woman from another state who called to thank me for the heads up.  The following is what happened.

I received a call from a wire service yesterday to place an order going to someone here in my area. After giving me most of the information they were to call me back with credit card info which only the supervisor could give out.  I waited until nearly dark with no return call. They had wanted the order to go out same day.

I can not place an order without payment first. No florists would do otherwise unless they knew the client personally.

Since I never heard back from the supervisor I couldn’t fill the order. That night I called the recipient to let her know flowers had been ordered for her, but that the order had never been completed. Therefore I could not bring her flowers.

This morning the sender called me. This is her story. She had called the wire service and placed the order. They charged her over $100 for “premium” flowers.  (When the wire service called me they said the order was only for $45 !! That means the wire service was keeping over $60 for themselves!!! And by not finishing the order they were keeping the original amount!!!!!)

Needless to say, both the sender and the recipient were very happy that I had called to let them know what had happened at my end.  I suggested the credit card company be notified and put a stop on that payment immediately!

So please, please, PLEASE!!! Go to an area  florist to place your order! Not only will you be assured of professional service, but you will get your moneys worth!

One other thing to keep in mind: “premium” flowers? This is a total misnomer. It only means these flowers happen to be more fresh than the other grades. When I receive flowers from the wholesaler they immediately receive a fresh cut and are placed in rehydrating solution to open the cells in the stems. After that they are placed in fertilizer solution and placed in the cooler. This insures their longevity.

There are variables. Some species last longer  that others. Some flowers come from all over the world rather that from a local grower. Between the time the grower cuts the flowers and the florist receives them can be anywhere from one day to one week or more. That is time out of water!  This is why the florist really needs to prep the flowers when they receive them to reopen those cells.  Rose cells close within 5 seconds of being cut!! Some flowers (like hydrangeas) are just temperamental. You never know what they will do.

So: Call your local florist!!! Never be afraid to call the florist placing the order with questions!! Expect the best professional service, always. You pay for it!!