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Florists, old and new!

The picture on the right is a “design” done by my 4 year old grand daughter. I was busily working on a design for a client and Hanne wanted to do her own. She began picking up discarded material on the floor, soaked a hunk of oasis, inserted it in a container, and went to work. When I turned around to see what she was up to– voila! I think I might hire her!!!! Think she might work for chocolate Easter eggs???

On the left is a picture taken in a florist shop in New York City about 1910.  My son texted this one to me. He is a wonderful photographer in his own right.  He loves the early photos of NYC. Flowers don’t change through time, but fashions sure do. Then it all circles back. Hope your March is beginning to turn into Spring, melting snows, and warmth! Enjoy!