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Different colors for Christmas

We all think of red, ¬†green and white for Christmas decorations, as well as silver and gold. But this client knew his wife loved purple. It was for their anniversary as well. It was fun to think in terms of another color! Many folks are choosing to use one color as the dominant theme for the holidays. The traditional colors are still the happiest, but it’s fun to experiment with other ideas too. I once watched a video of a family who lived in an ultra modern contemporary home who really pushed the envelope. They decided to have multiple trees. One tree was completely yellow (including the tree itself)! Another was pink, another was electric blue, another was orange. What a surprise!! You wouldn’t think it would work but it did! Very, very cheerful! So don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it’s just a little area you want to experiment with. You can’t help but be smiling when you’re finished!! Have a great holiday season! ¬†Pipper