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Want to Make your Girl Happy?

How happy do you want her to be? Flowers can be purchased in any price range. Whatever you are comfortable with! Whether it is a just a single rose or a full blown huge arrangement, you can be assured, if your sweetheart receives  flowers from the local florist for no reason at all, she will be over the moon! Just do it!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Spring is here! I love this time of year. All the new growth, fresh green leaves, spring flowers popping out on trees, shrubs and from the ground. It is incredibly lovely. When you take a drive on the Olympic Peninsula you see hills covered with dark green Douglas fir and intermittent groves of alder. The alder has taken on a light, airy, burnt sienna brush across their tops, the silvery grey beneath, holding up the cloud like mass.  After awhile it takes on a purplish hue. Nature is stunning.

Being a florist is a wonderful gift. To be able to take all this color and vibrancy to a different level is also a responsibility I don’t take lightly. After completing a design I feel happy with, I sometimes take a picture. It isn’t until I look at the picture blown up on the computer that I see all the flaws and wish I had seen them before I made the delivery. I get so wrapped up in working with the flowers I forget myself and what humanity has determined to be the correct way to do things.

There is a lesson here. One which we should consider carefully. People make up rules, expecting others to live by them. These rules are constantly changing as does the need for them.  Until nature decides to do otherwise. Who is to decide what is right and what is wrong? under what circumstances? Life itself is a learning process, one which can never be completely achieved. We are lucky to observe and learn as much as our small minds can. Good luck!!!