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Order your Valentine NOW!!!


Valentine’s Day is almost here. For florists it’s especially fun because we can be so creative. Suppliers have all kinds of hard goods that can be incorporated with flowers to really make a statement. Gone are the traditional arrangements of roses and baby’s breath. You can do so much more!! And still keep the cost down. Granted, something like the heart in the picture below costs a little more, but WOW! It’s much more fun to get. And will last a long time if the roses have been properly rehydrated, fertilized and cooled by the florist. When you call your florist try to be specific. Do you want a contemporary design, traditional, exotic, garden style… Think outside the box! And yes, florists are very busy and may not have time to do something special. But it never hurts to try. Just be prepared to spend a little more…

Happy Valentine


When you place your order for Valentine’s Day, you CAN send chocolates too! Our local chocolate store specializes is homemade fudge of so many varieties I can’t begin to list them all. Bon Bon also has homemade truffles to die for as well as any number of other fancy chocolates. You can’t go wrong. There are lots of other candies as well, many bringing back memories of the 50′s. All age groups are catered to here.

Keep in mind that the sooner you call your local florist the better. Florists place their orders with wholesalers at least a month in advance. If you call the day before V Day, chances are you may not be able to get exactly what you want. Red roses are at a premium. When they are gone, they are gone. Wholesalers up their prices for this holiday, and prices have to be passed on. So heads up everyone. Order as early as you can to be placed high on your florist’s list!

Think about the person who will be receiving the flowers. Do they decorate their home in a contemporary style, a traditional way, with an asian influence, or eclectically? Tell your florist. The arrangement should reflect the recipient’s taste. If you are sending to a young person, we can add something to more personalize the gift.

If you are really happy with your florist leave a review on google or yelp! Believe it or not it makes a whale of a lot of difference to ANY business!!! So thank you in advance. We all appreciate your input.

Here’s hoping you will be remembered on Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s a peck on the cheek, it still means a great deal. I love to see the faces of the people I deliver to. Their smiles and words of appreciation are all I need to make my day much more than just worth while! A hearty thank you to all of you who choose Pipper’s Flowers as your florist. On the home page of this website at the very bottom is the icon for Facebook where you can always contact me with any suggestions or thoughts that concern you. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!