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BRIDES! 2014 is here….


And it should be an exciting year. Especially since this is the year of your wedding. Are you  beginning to feel the pressure from all the decisions that need to be made?  The key to reducing this anxiety is: be organized. Ask for help and advice. Remember, in the end, it is YOUR day, YOUR wedding. This special day will only happen once.

TRENDS:  colors: pink (from very very pale – blush – into more intense fuchsia, orchid, plum), black and white color blocking and prints

dresses: off the shoulder necklines, cap sleeves, illusion neckline, plunging back

hair:  up

accessories: gold (in gowns as well, delicate beading

make up: soft browns, soft metallic, berry, bronze (everything natural) and berry lips

late night food: miniature versions of your favorite foods, huge dessert bar, expresso bar

chandeliers made of mason jars! and wooden farm tables

Save money by celebrating on Friday. Be  bold, bright colors, larger than life. Remember, you need to decide on a budget! When you meet with any professional, whether its the caterer, cake baker, or florist they need to know what you can afford in order to guide you on the right path to achieve your dream and still be what you can afford.

BOTTOM LINE: Do what YOU want. If you like hot yellow, then go with it! If you’re into cowboy boots, wear them. If you don’t want to serve alcohol, don’t. It is YOUR special day. DO IT YOUR WAY!!!

Happy New Year!!!


May this new year bring happiness and joy to all of you. The last couple of years has been really difficult for so many people, but we’ve made it through to 2014! I have a really good feeling about this new year. So make those resolutions and stick to them. For instance: keep smiling! don’t judge another, you haven’t walked in their shoes! do at least one good thing for another person at least once a week (that can’t be too hard)! drop the drama!!! think before you speak! always remember that there are so many many people out there who are much worse off than you are!!!! Have a GREAT year!!