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Be happy!


Be happy! We are constantly barraged with negative news from all fronts. Whether you read the newspapers, news magazines, watch the news on TV, TV commentators, the internet, or any other source, you can be dragged down by it all. Everyone will tell you, “Focus on the positive!” Easier said then done.

How can you challenge this? Start with anything close to you, where you sit, at home or at work. Place a favorite object near you. Move the furniture around. Pick up all the MESS. Cleaning up your environment can be a lot of work, but by the time you finish, stand back and take a look. It was worth the effort! Spray an air deodorizer. Add a bud vase with a flower that makes you smile.  A bud vase doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Throw out all the things you never use. Take it to the dump. If it’s in good condition and clean, take it to the Salvation Army. But get rid of all the superfluous STUFF! Clean out the refrigerator. Change your sheets. Put on clean socks! Wash your hair. Shave. Put a little something in your pocket that only you know is there. Are you getting the idea yet?

I know there are those of you who think it’s cool to wear your pants down around your knees, allow your beard to grow out to stubbs, wear clothing that looks like its been in a dumpster for several months. Believe me, if you clean yourself up, clean up your immediate environment, you will suddenly look at the world from a far different perspective!  (P.S.  Girls get rug burn from all that stubble. THAT’S not cool!!)

And don’t forget the flowers.  You can’t help but smile if you see a colorful bouquet. In Seattle we have Pike Place Market. The f lower vendors there are fabulous. You can buy a wonderful, stunningly beautiful bouquet for under $10!!! If you can afford to support your local florist, that would be super! Retail florists have been closing their doors at an incredible rate. It’s a huge loss to everyone.

We all have sad, depressing things that have happened to us. In my life, I find I’m very fortunate to be able to give flowers to so many people. When I deliver flowers to someone, their smile is all I need to make my day.  If things are slow, as they have been lately, I’m even more lucky to have my two grandchildren who live nearby. I see them just about every day. One is 5, the other is 2 1/2 years old. They never fail to make me smile and make my whole day brighter.

Find what makes your heart sing. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. But do the things that make you truly happy. And don’t forget the FLOWERS!!