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Remember Mom!!!!!


At  Pipper’s Flowers we process the flowers so that they will last as long as possible. People have mentioned repeatedly that their arrangements have lasted as long as a month in some cases depending on the species of flower.

Not only that, but each arrangement is individualized to suit the recipient. Traditional? Contemporary? Natural (which includes garden style)? Exotic? If you check the web site you will see arrangements for each of these categories. When you call to place an order you are asked about color, scent, species… We want YOUR input! Tell us what you want or do not want!

Best of all, our message cards are the same size as the industry cards, but they are done on individual Fabriano water color paper with a small original water color of a flower on it. The message is written next to the water color, placed in a matching Fabriano envelope and placed with the arrangement.

When you talk to your mom, let her know she can cut out this original water color and place it in one of those tiny frames as a keepsake! How special is that!!!?

And don’t forget the handmade fudge and chocolates from our local BonBon candy store. Lisa, the owner, is a wonderful lady, starting her store because she has always loved to make fudge.  The varieties are endless. All the truffles and other chocolates are first class yummies hand made by local people. She also has all kinds of imported chocolate, and candies from childhood! You can’t go wrong here!

So, give Pipper a call, 206) 780-4242.

Happy Mom’s Day!