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Order now for Mother’s Day!


And the flowers are delightfully wonderful! There is no better way to tell Mom how much you love her than by surprising her with a beautiful spring bouquet. If you place your order before the end of the month you will receive a discount. And you might want to consider a gift of superb, melt in your mouth, chocolates or fudge hand made from our local chocolatier, Bon Bon. The added cost is nominal and well worth the look on your Mom’s face when she sees it all.

Clients will call and say they love #4 on the Everyday slide show. They will ask how much it is.  My policy is this: I can do any bouquet in any price range. Whatever you feel comfortable spending! I never do the same arrangement twice, but I will do something comparable to what you see on the slide show. Bottom line: Whatever YOU can afford!!!

How can I do  this? I have no employees, no overhead. Therefore, everything goes into the flowers. Depending on your budget, I choose flowers that will work for you! Not only will it make the recipient of the flowers happy, but the goal is to make YOU happy too!!

These pictures depict fairly traditional arrangements. Keep watching here or on Facebook for contemporary, exotic and natural designs!

Don’t forget! Order NOW!  206) 780- 4242.