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Into the future for brides!


Here is a design that has become a current favorite with brides who want something different. For the most part a variety of decorative wires have been used, but flowers have been glued in place to give it a more natural appearance.  It’s lots of fun to make!

Designs like this can be made in so many many ways. That’s the wonderful thing about floristry. We can do almost anything and we will certainly TRY to do anything you can imagine! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

This design isn’t for everyone, but the bride who utilizes this technique will certainly be  the talk of the town! The table arrangements can be made to echo this kind of work.

The thing for any bride to keep in mind is that if you have a vision, your florist should be able to help you define and refine that vision with flowers! Wedding planners are here to do the same thing. People that you hire to help you with your wedding should always have your vision in mind and follow through to make your dream into reality. Your wedding is a one of a kind day, one that is extremely special to you and your husband to be. Pictures will be taken that will follow you down through the years to come.  You want to be able to look at these pictures and remember this day with happy tears in your eyes and love and laughter!

Don’t forget to check out my facebook page for more pictures! Have a wonderful wedding! Pipper

Jump into spring!

Spring is here! It’s always an exciting time of year. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, and many more flowers start to pop up. Buds on the trees and bushes are bursting and flowering trees make an ethereal cloud of wonder everywhere you look. Days are longer, birds are nest building, and yes. It is still raining here in my part of the world. (I love the rain!)

The picture on the left is an example of a chocolate and pink every day arrangement. Note the bottom center flower. Believe it or not, that is one of the brown sunflowers with the petals removed! These kinds of treatments are used in bridal bouquets as well. There are so many new techniques popping up. It’s all very exciting.

There is also new floral material becoming available to florists in the Seattle area.  One of our wholesalers is now importing some magical stuff from New Zealand and Australia.  There is no excuse for a boring arrangement – ever!

I love the color pastel orange. That’s a dab of orange and lots of white added. People use these names to describe the color: peach, salmon, coral, light orange…well, you get the picture. When a client describes a color to the florist, using one of these adjectives, you never know what you’ll get.  For instance, coral could mean a light orange or a dark orange. It really helps to be very specific in describing a color, using COLOR TERMINOLOGY. i.e, the flower is yellow/ green. or red, red orange. or yellow with lots of white added. Then there can be less room for error.

The industry has come out with a new tool that some florists are finding available. I just got one. It is a packet of color swatches. Ho hum, you say? Well, it works like this. The bride looks through the colors, chooses the ones that come closest to her dresses and table decor. Then the florist calls her wholesaler tells her agent, ” I want flowers in the following color numbers.”  Now everyone is on the same page! Simply wonderful!!!

Bear with me please! My Web Master, who is an absolute marvel, is busily redoing the site. Under the wedding header there will be two new drops. Bouquets and Receptions/Events! It is just a start. Eventually I hope to have the pictures arranged according to event, popping up all together. One step at a time! Let me know what you think!

Have a great spring! Pipper

We are well on our way…


…in the wedding world for this year! Brides are busy. Decisions, decisions, decisions! The picture at the left is very lush and it’s much bigger than the little portion seen. If you’ve seen my wedding web page or browsed through the rest of the blog you’ve seen that there are many many ways to use flowers for your wedding. Most brides are fairly traditional in the use of flowers, but the contemporary look can be fabulous – and not cost quite as much.

Why? Because the contemporary look can use fewer flowers. “Can” is the operative word here. Take a look at the next picture. This bouquet uses fewer flowers, it’s  very bright and cheerful, and ribbon and wire are used to great advantage. Don’t be afraid of color. In this example orange, hot pink, yellow, green and purple are the dominant colors. That’s 4! colors. YUMMY! The picture on the far right shows a new wool like material that we can do a great deal with!

Keep in mind, there are new materials becoming available to florists constantly.  Every bridal conference a wholesaler puts on highlights all the new materials.  Growers continue to come up with new colors, new flowers. A bride shouldn’t feel like there is only one way to do a wedding.  

If you have a dream, a picture of your wedding day in your mind, one you have had since you were very little, go for it! Don’t take “NO!” for an answer.  You CAN do it. Your florist can do it.  If not, look for another florist!  Here’s hoping you have a great day!

Seattle Flower and Garden Show Design Competition

Much Ado About Nothing by Pipper's

The Seattle Flower and Garden Show Design Competition is over. PHEW!!! But it was very educational, to say the least. The best thing to come out of it so far is an email I just received from a photographer for Floral Design Magazine. One of the pictures he took  of my work is on the left  and my design may be used! Before we go any further, I am going to go into the pros and cons of this competition. You may or may not want to read further!

First, let me say that I have done a good deal of judging in the world of art. The some of the criteria, across the board, is or should be, the following: creativity shown, use of technique, composition, use of materials. (That’s just for starters.) I won’t bore you with more.

Now then, there were designs at this competition that were truly exceptionally well done. The use of floral technique was of a high quality as was the creativity and composition, not to mention use of floral material! One in particular that stood out was “Pearl Harbor”. It should have received lst place and didn’t get any attention at all. I was totally disappointed in that judging call. The design to get first place was an Ikebana work of very high quality. The designer had taken grasses and made fascinating thick, organic shapes with it. She deserved an award.

Second place was given to a design which was well executed. It was a formal event design with a red rose covered floral ball placed on top of a stand of white calla lilies. The base was a box containing a pave of roses. Because of the lack of creativity and standard industry techniques it should not have received an award.

So much for my comments on the judging. On to the set up. (Oh boy, am I going to get in hot water for all of this!!)  I haven’t been to the show in 6 0r 7 years. When I did go, the design competition, even the bonsai from the Seattle bonsai clubs, were always set up with a blank wall as a back drop. Look at the picture included  here. What do you see? I will explain. The back ground is a bank of huge windows behind which is a lovely outdoor garden mazed with concrete walls of varying heights. The sun streams in through these windows all day long because they are South facing. Any cut flower receiving this much heat and light won’t last a day. Need I say more? But, of course, I will. A viewer, standing before a design, is hit in the face with the sun. When your eyes adjust, you have to decide where the design is. Out in the garden? No, it’s this dark shape in front of you…. Color is lost in this situation.

Lastly, the bank of windows zigzagged. It wasn’t a straight flat wall of windows. There were 19 designers. Each zig had approximately 4 to 5 designs set up on pedestals. Some of the designs were huge and ran into other designs, leaving no room or very little room in between.  All the designs faced out into the main entrance area where the crowd would see them. But the last 3 designers were on the tail of the zag facing away from everything. Not only that, but a huge black  movie screen had been set up and this little area behind the screen where the last designer works were set up was chock full of electrical wiring as big as snakes and feet thick going every where. This is not good. These are professional designers we are talking about. They deserve a professional presentation of their work.

I know I sound like a wet blank (to use nice terms) but these are ideas that should be considered by not only the show presenters, but viewers as well. And one last comment. Many competitors at any competition would feel very uncomfortable voicing an opinion, as I have. This happens for any number of reason, some of which are good and some which may not be.         Just remember, if YOU, as an individual, see a wrong being committed, think of a way to make that wrong right. Too many people look the other way when they should step forward, when they could actually do a lot of good. Just try not to hurt another by your actions.  Pipper