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Personality and Color! the last trend…

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When guests come to a wedding they are happy and excited. They can hardly wait to see what the bride’s imagination has brought to reality. Will they be surprised? Or will they be disappointed? Will the bride’s personality show through bright and clear? Or will the wedding look like it was thrown together with no thought or care?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wedding. But the money you do spend should be spent with a great deal of thought. A wedding is a visual experience. First at the ceremony, then at the reception.

One bride chose beautiful colors, made wonderful choices. But then mom came along and decorated the pews. The bows made for the pews were so large and overbearing you hardly noticed the bride as she walked down the aisle.  Yes, as the bride, you DO have to take charge. Yes, you DO have to tell some very beloved people that their idea is unacceptable.  This is your wedding. It should depict you as a person, not someone else.

These are some examples of how different brides decided to use orange as a basis for their look. There are many more ways to use orange with other colors or even alone. There are so many shades of orange! Any color you choose will have a tremendous range of flowers to choose from. It is up to the florist to guide you in how your colors can best showcase your theme and your personality.

The Enchanted Wedding! the third trend…

Every wedding is enchanted!!! It’s the most wonderful, strange, delightful, elegant day of your life. Whether you opt for very casual or very formal, you will be in your wedding dress. It is YOU who make the day enchanted!

You may never see your husband in a tuxedo ever again. Seeing him dressed in such a sophisticated a manner is enchanting! Anything you do after that will make the day a day to remember for the  rest of your life.

When I think of enchanted I think of words like whimsical, fantasy,candlelight, sparkle, ethereal, floating, airy.  You can think of many more, I’m sure. No matter what your color choice, flowers will make a huge difference in creating this dream world a reality.

Loose designs will help the “floating” look. Heavy, round designs will not enhance this concept. We can use any flowers, but by keeping the designs loose (and there are many techniques for achieving this) your wedding will be one to remember.

Keep the venue in mind as well. A modern, contemporary venue will make it harder to achieve the look you want. Fairytales are ancient stories and that’s where the word “enchantment” comes from. Choose a venue that promotes your theme. Remember, you will be looking at your wedding pictures for years to come.

Eco Chic is the 2nd wedding trend.


Eco Chic is comprised of clean, clear lines, and strong form. Black, white, green, brown are the main colors. It is a very organic look using moss, bark, river rock and other natural forms. Succulents have become very popular and give a bold look to any design.

The look can be formal or informal. It can be minimal or very lush. It all depends on the budget and the bride’s taste. Ask yourself: What look do I want to achieve?  When we look at the wedding pictures 5, 10, 15 years from now, will we still love the feeling the flowers give us? Here is where it really helps to have a professional guide you. They have had years of experience, understand how to pull all the disparate parts together to make a whole, and what needs to be discarded.

And don’t forget bling! Everyone seems to be into bling in some form or another. With this trend bling is used judiciously, with care. In Heirloom we see bling everywhere. The broach bouquet can be all bling. But with eco chic we see bling used very carefully and only where it will actually enhance a design. One thing to keep in mind. It’s YOUR wedding. You can do whatever will make you happy. Nothing is cut and dried. Don’t be a wall flower and let others dictate what they think is the way to go. Speak up. You are the one that will be looking at those pictures in years to come.

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Wedding trends for 2013!


January is an exciting month for brides! Experts in the field have decided to give us a hand by using four descriptive words: heirloom, eco chic, enchanted, and personality pallet. Let’s start with Heirloom.

This category includes such things as soft, muted colors, pearls and lace, hobnail glass and “antique” bling. It looks restrictive, but we can open it up to include all kinds of wonderful things. Many brides want to include family traditional items like lace from an old mantilla, books, bird cages, or even old iron works an honored family member may have made generations ago.

It is wonderful fun to incorporate any ideas the bride may have and pull it all together in a cohesive look. It can be informal or formally done depending on the bride’s inclination.

One trend I’m seeing is the use of the “broach” bouquet.  It can be made with a minimum of antique looking broaches scattered  throughout the flowers or you can really go wild and do the whole bouquet in antique looking broaches.  Broaches can be purchased to conform to your color scheme. Go to my facebook page for a close up picture and critique of a bouquet I saw at the Seattle Wedding Show on Saturday.

Whimsical touches add to the happiness of the day. Butterflies can be incorporated or birds for a natural touch. A special area set aside for children where they can  play some of the older board games is fun and keeps them occupied. You could opt for old fashioned candies to be placed at each table setting.

Saturday I am going to the Seattle Wedding Show. It is always wonderfully fun. I always come away with new ideas. The vendors are very helpful. Any bride, in any city, should try to go to their wedding show. If nothing else – to eat cake!! In the next blog I will discuss the Eco Chic look followed by Enchanted, and the Personality Pallet. Regardless of what nomenclature is used, your florist should be able to plan your wedding to look just the way YOU want it to look. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

When you come for your first consultation with your florist, remember to bring any items with you that will help showcase the look you want for your wedding.  Remember, it is the most important day of your life and you want it to be perfect!