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I know it’s early, but….Happy Valentin’s Day!!!!


It’s never too soon to think about flowers for Valentine’s Day! Already, florists are placing orders with wholesalers in anticipation of the busiest time of the year. By the time February rolls around, it’s hard to get the flowers you may want. That’s how fast they go. The demand is tremendous and growers have a hard time keeping up. If a florist runs out of a particular flower a few days before VDay it may be almost impossible to replace them – think red roses. They’ll be gone!

As a full service florist, available 24/7 I take orders up to the last minute, but it may be hard to come up with a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day! So think ahead folks. If you place your order with Pipper’s Flowers in January, you’ll be sure to get a discount! Flower prices go up closer to the day too. Roses ordered from the wholesaler the first of January cost a lot less than flowers purchased the week before. Buyer beware! The early bird… You get the idea!

Heart designs take a lot of flowers to make. This one is using red roses. There are at least two dozen red roses here. Ordered in January, this design might cost $105. But ordered just before Valentine’s Day you might be looking at $150! That’s a big difference! You might want to allow the designer to do something creative for you instead of the usual red roses. The person who receives the flowers would be happy with red roses, but if you really want to make an impression there are all kinds of wonderful designs that can be created, using other colors that still invoke the idea you want to get across.

And if your pocket book is a wee bit thin this year, don’t worry. We can do a wonderfully delightful design for any price. It’s what you are comfortable spending that is of primary importance when you place your order. I’ve done designs for as little as $5, but feel free to spend whatever you are comfortable spending. Remember, the flowers are fresh from the grower to the wholesaler to me. After I receive the flowers they are rehydrated, then placed in a solution with fertilizer, and placed in the cooler. These steps insure your flowers will last a long time. After they are used in a design they are sprayed with a solution to help them retain their moisture. Clents have had flowers last up to three weeks and longer isn’t unusual. You pay a lot for your flowers. They should last a long time!

Don’t forget! Chocolates are the best part of Valentine’s Day, after the flowers of course. A local chocolatier makes the best fudge you’ve ever tasted in many many flavors. She always has special ones developed for special occasions. I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with for VDay! But there isn’t just fudge. There are all kinds of locally made chocolates as well as the very best imported chocolates. The store also carries all the old fashioned candies from, oh, the mid 50′s…. on. Wonderful stuff!

So when you place your order, think chocolates, or a stuffed animal, or a special gift basket, or anything else you can come up with. It is my pleasure to serve you and make your Valentine the happiest person around!! Just call 206 – 780 – 4242!

Hope to hear from you soon, Pipper.


This has been an unusual year. I’m at a loss for a proper adjective to describe, in one word, this strange year. As Americans we have experienced the gamut of emotions. Retribution (Bin Laudin). Fear (the presidential election). Anger (the gross amount of spending on the election). Elation (an intelligent, thoughtful man reelected to the White House). Deepest sadness (over the unnecessary loss of children’s lives). And, in the end, thankfulness for family and friends who gather ’round in love and support.

We are an extremely fortunate people, yet we have so far to go. The Dahli Lama sees hope for the future. A good sign.

Most of all, I am thankful for all the wonderful people who have called this year, asking for flowers to be sent to someone here on the Island. Not only do I have a life long love for nature, and flowers especially, but seeing the surprise and happiness on peoples’ faces, when  the flowers are delivered is something very, very special.

I’ve had a young girl ask me to make an arrangement for her mom. The young lady only had $5 to spend. I think this was the most amazing gift to give and I was lucky enough to be part of it! I’ve done arrangements for every day, birthdays, sympathy, funerals, events and weddings. A contemporary (whom I dearly love) asked me to help her this summer putting together flowers for weddings. It was a slow time and this income helped pay my bills.

I had a gentleman ask me to send all black flowers in an arrangement to a golfing buddy. All BLACK!! So I sprayed them with floral spray and, yes, they were allll black! So much fun! Gift baskets, arrangments shaped like cakes on cake stands, cupcakes made of flowers. If you can think of it a florist can do it!! One wedding I did the bride forgot to tell me about the inclusion of an extra bride’s maid.  Minutes before the ceremony, I was able to put together a bouquet for the walk down the aisle!  Whew!

I am thankful for my family. Life would be very dreary without their love and support. My two grandchildren (4 and 2 years of age) make me smile and laugh every single day.

You never know what will happen next. That’s life. Change is good. Even if we dislike it at first. There is always a reason behind the change. It always works out. And this has become our family mantra: IT AWAYS WORKS OUT.  NO MATTER WHAT!

So take heart. Work your way through any sadness and be prepared, because happiness is sure to follow. It always does. May all of you enjoy happiness in the coming new year.

Happy Holidays!!!!

My grand baby just turned two yesterday! Her mom decided on blue, white and silver as the theme for the family party. These flowers were made for her table.  Mom dressed her in red and white ruffles, pulled her hair back and attached a clump of red and green glittery stuff to the pony tail.  She was adorable.  Today is a different day. She has a virus she picked up from her brother’s play school and is keeping mom busy washing clothes, mopping floors, changing cushion covers…. well, you get the picture.  An exhausted mom called for Nana to come and help. Just hope I don’t get sick too!!!

This Holiday season seems to have a lot of silver in it as well as as soft gold, chartreuse and, of course, the usual red. This time of year is so much fun. Glitter and sparkle everywhere. The wholesalers have so many goodies to choose from. Where to start??? Ideas are just exploding from my head.

Brides are already calling for consultations for 2013 weddings! It’s going to be a busy new year.  Weddings are so much fun because each bride has an idea of a theme. Give me some rein and off I go.  My goal is to give the bride the wedding she dreams about and to keep as much stress from her as possible.  When I go to a wedding I bring all kinds of extras with me in case an extra corsage or boutonniere is needed at the last minute.  This last summer I even had to make a last minute bride’s maid’s bouquet. The bride had forgotten to tell me about an addition to the bridal party! No problem. That’s what your florist should be doing for you!

Have a great Holiday Season! See you next year!! Pip