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Pipper’s Flowers is your PROBLEM SOLVER!

Do you have a problem? Did you forget an important date? Did your florist tell you she couldn’t get the specific flowers you need to complete your event and give it that WOW factor?

So many times I receive calls just hours before the client needs to have flowers delivered. Usually the person feels uncomfortable about the lateness of the call or the forgetfulness, but it’s never a problem. That’s what I’m here for!  There are two wonderful things about being a florist and they are both important. One is I love being around flowers and making beautiful things. Two, making people happy. There is nothing better than seeing that smile on someone’s face.

A friend of mine was telling me about her sister’s daughter’s upcoming wedding.  Her sister had no idea how to go about getting ready for the wedding. They had a venue, a dress, had sent out invitations, and that was all. The wedding is this weekend. Oh dear…. If you find yourself in this position, don’t hesitate to call for help!

As a full service florist, I am prepared to do anything for my client. I’ve done a $10 arrangement for a little girl who called to have flowers sent to her mom. There was no sales tax, no delivery charge for this young lady! And mom was overwhelmed!  I’ve done funerals, events and weddings. I do everyday and special occasions.

So many times the first thing a client asks is “Do you deliver?” Of course I do!

If you say you need to have it delivered in 2 hours, it will be! One gentleman asked to have all the flowers be black! He was sending the flowers to a golfing buddy. We discussed the situation and I ended up making a beautiful bouquet spray painted with floral spray in black!! As you can see, nothing is impossible. Last minute corsages minutes before the bride comes down the aisle? No problem.

I’ve received calls in the middle of the night, from all over the world. No problem.

Many folks want to know the price of an arrangement. My answer is always, “What are you comfortable spending?” If you only want to spend $15, that’s fine. If you want to spend $150, no problem. There are special flowers or colors you want? I can get them quickly from my wholesaler or other florists.

Just ask. That’s all you have to do. If something is impossible, I will say so. But so far, that hasn’t happened!

Enjoy the holiday season! Pipper