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A Flower Cake!!

This was so much fun! I finally got to use the cake stand and oasis made especially for this kind of floral design. This “cake” was made for a birthday. Doesn’t it look delicious?? There is so much a florist can do with design. Take this idea of floral cakes for instance.  Cakes made by any  baker can be made in any shape to depict anything the client wants. Just look at the Cake Boss, Buddy Velasco! The cake on the left is just a basic design, but anything goes!! Want cupcakes? I can do that too! Am just waiting for the chance!!!

A “cake” for a gentleman? How about using all kinds of grasses and seeds and berries and…. you get the idea. Floral design traditionally was in a vase. Now, any container can be used. Europeans are sculpting grasses and branches into shapes that hold the floral design. They are absolutely marvelous. They can be very abstract, to the extent that you wonder how the florist ever conceived of the idea. But that is what floral design is all about, pushing the envelop, introducing new ideas, new forms.

Being creative is inherent in all individuals.  It can take any form, whether you are planting a crop to grow your own food, knitting a baby blanket, cooking a dish that’s been passed down through the generations (and you enhance it with your own herbs or techniques) or designing an advertisement or researching a new thought in physics. Never stop using your imagination, the intellect you have as a human being.

Bringing flowers into your life is uplifting, especially in these changing times. They make you smile. They help you relax and take a deep breath before you face the real world. Even one single flower is all it takes.  You can pick a weed from the roadside and place it in a container and it will make you smile! Guaranteed! Just try it. Let me know your thoughts. On the bottom of the home page for Pipper’s Flowers is the icon for Facebook. Talk to me! I would love t o hear from you.  Have a great day! The sun is shining here, but not for long. Rain is on the way! (I love the rain!)  Pipper

Northwest Flower and Garden Show


I am sooo tickled! I’ve been invited to compete as a flower designer at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February! Just received an acceptance call. I’ve been doing all kinds of research to narrow down my design ideas and have found some fascinating web sites. I had no idea all that stuff was out there! Shows how naive I am when it comes to computers!

There is going to be so much work to do to narrow down all the information to make the design as special as possible. The main idea is to show the viewer that there are many many ways to use flowers and floral materials and yet make it all appear to go together. Wish me luck!

The picture on the left show a bouquet I made this summer. The garden roses and Antique rose are really special, but best of all is the New Zealand Pieris that showcases the flowers. It’s the line of small white bell flowers all around the base of the bouquet. There are so many ways to make bouquets. Brides should be aware of the possibilities before they go for their first consultation with a florist.

When I meet with a bride for the first time it usually takes a couple of hours. There is a lot to discuss. By the time we’re through the bride will know exactly what style of bouquet is best suited for her dress, body shape and theme of her wedding. She will know the flowers we will use and how they will be designed for her.

Even though brides are on a tight budge now, my job is still to keep as much stress from the bride as possible. I don’t just do the flowers. Whenever a question comes up concerning anything to do with the wedding, I’m there to help in any way I can. The bride’s wedding day is the most special day of her life and that of her groom and both families who are participating. It needs to be as stress free as possible.

And I will do it for you, too. Happy days! Pipper