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Hey all you kindle users…!!!

Sugar Title2

There are so many of you who have visited this blog. Thank each and every one of you and, hopefully, you will continue to return!

For about 8 years I wrote contemporary romances.  Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice is the last one I wrote using the Harlequin guidelines.  You can now enjoy it on Kindle from Amazon.  My son took the picture and photo shopped it so it would epitomize the story. The story is actually very contemporary for what’s going on today!

It was really fun to try to figure out how to publish it on Amazon for kindle users.  Since I’m very slow to learn how to use computers and all the new things going on (except for flowers! I’m very up to date on flowers and how to use them!!!) it was a wee bit disconcerting. I’m still not sure it looks right when you go to Amazon.  But the story is there and it’s a great story.  If enough people buy the story, I have one I can hardly wait to publish for kindle. It is a contemporary romantic suspense with a follow up book.

This summer I’ve been busily watching all the new ideas coming up for brides. There are some wonderful ideas out there and my creative juices are reallllly flowing. I hope to hear from you! Let me know what you think of the flowers , new ideas you come across, and when you read my book, let me know what you think!!!

Hope September has been a great month for you! I’m on face book now so catch up there as well. Best to you and yours, Pipper

Weddings from this summer!!!


It’s been my good fortune to work with a very talented wedding florist these past two months.  One wedding we did was a vintage wedding. We used bird cages and old suitcases among other things. The reception tables looked wonderful! We’ve been using a lot of David Austin garden roses as well as a terrific selection of perennials and greens. There are so many beautiful flowers available. The bouquets for the bride and her maids have been extra special. There was even some New Zealand Pierus! It made a couple of bridal bouquets really elegant. Seattle growers have gotten together and formed a co-op for florists. It has hugely  expanded the materials available for our use. Gone are the days when everything has to look alike because our local wholesalers only get in a limited supply. Now we can do all kinds of super fun things!!!

Brides are more educated now as well. The internet brings all kinds of ideas to a bride. The problem is in narrowing down the selection. That’s where your wedding florist comes in. When I meet with a bride I ask all kinds of questions. By the time our first meeting is over the bride has a very good idea of what her special day will look like. As a full service florist, I can help a bride with anything she needs help with. Many brides don’t have a wedding planner. I make up for that and help with all the tiny details that go into putting together a  wedding. (Do you watch David Tutera on TV? I DO!!!!)

There are so many things to do to make a wedding really special.  Until you actually begin to put one together you don’t really know! Many brides want to do it all themselves with the help of relatives. I suggest you make notes about everything that everyone is doing for you. Keep them in a folder close at hand. One bride forgot to tell me she needed another attendant’s bouquet. Luckily I had enough flowers at the wedding to put one together for the extra person. It’s easy to miss count how many corsages and boutonnieres you will need. I always have extra flowers available and the materials to make these things with.  Another time extra tables were added at the last minute. Again, arrangements were needed and we pulled it off!

I do weddings all over the Seattle are including the Kitsap penninsula. I will even go as far as Port Angeles for a special bride! Don’t hesitate to call and ask all the questions you need to have answered. That’s what I’m here for — to help you in any way I can!! May your new life be full of happiness!!! Pipper