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AUGUST SPECIAL: a Starter Bouquet!


Once in awhile I have a really great idea. It doesn’t happen often. But when it does… I’m really  excited! August is the month when all your garden flowers are at the height of their beauty. Why buy    flowers when all you have to do is step outside your door??? Well, here is an idea to help you start a  bouquet that will look like a professional has done it. Purchase a “Starter Bouquet” from Pipper’s  Flowers!

How does this work? You will receive a big bunch of Margarite daisies with a tall center of grouped  lavender. (Note the first picture.) The flowers have been hydrated (the stem cells opened up so liquid  can easily be taken up). Then they will have been placed in a fertilizer solution which kills bacteria,  keeps the stem cells open, and feeds the flowers. Lastly, before delivery, they are sprayed with a  biodegradable solution to help them retain their moisture.

Then (and here is the BEST part!) you take  your garden flowers and insert them into the bouquet.  When your flowers die, take them out and  replace them. The daisies and lavender should last  at least 3 weeks!!! Remember to replace the water  every 5-7 days with fresh water and fertilizer.

And even better, when I deliver your bouquet, if you want help, advice or actual participation on my part, I will be happy to go with you into your garden, help with the selection, give you one on one advice, answer any question, and even show you how to professionally arrange your flowers! A free consultation with you professional florist, right in your home!!! This long lasting, excitingly different bouquet only costs $35.00! A bright, cheerful bouquet of happiness for at least 3 WEEKS!!! So give me a call! Do something excitingly different for that special friend or for yourself! Have a great summer!