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New looks in wedding bouquets!

Wedding bouquets are changing! Finally. Over the last few years florists have made so may formal round bouquets for their brides I was getting worried. Where was the independence of thought, the creative spirit of American brides???? A wedding, YOUR wedding should be special, very special, just for you and your finance. Well, change is in the air.

The formal round is beginning to loosen up. Roses are no longer the only flower in the bouquet. Texture is becoming of more importance. Texture and color (even if the color is monochromatic – one basic color) is coming into more prominence. Brides are finally demanding their bouquets be more interesting! No longer will your photographs show the cookie cutter design that so many brides have been talked into using because it is so easy to make.

Note the bouquet in the picture. This is a cascading design done for a bride who wasn’t afraid to tell me exactly what she wanted. Now, you may look at this and think it’s way to big for you. You could be right. When a bride discusses her bouquet with her florist, she needs to make sure the florist shows her pictures of the basic designs: tear drop, cascade, crescent, arm, and classic. There are so many ways to diverge from these basics. Let your imagination go wild! The florist needs to take into consideration the height of the bride and her basic structure. The bouquet in the picture would be fabulous for a tall, slender woman. So many magazine articles tell the bride the dress dictates the style of the bouquet. If that is the case then why do we see all formal rounds with every single bridal gown??? PLEASE!!!

And now, Europeans have come forth with a very contemporary look. They have designed a holder that is a flat square and another that is a flat round! Think of the many ways these can be used!!! There are other forms as well. How about a large ball with two smaller balls of changing size hanging down from a ribbon to hold on to? or three small balls decending downward? or strands of orchid blooms hanging down from a small beribboned hand held group? There is large and lush and simple and elegant. The list has no ending.

So brides, don’t be afraid to make your bouquet reflect you and your personality. This is YOUR special day. One that you will look back on for many, many years. One I hope you will always enjoy the pictures of, and enjoy sharing with your family. Many, many blessings on your new life! Pipper