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The wedding of the month!!

Hello everyone! I just finished the flowers for a wonderful wedding. My friend Kim helped me with set up. We started at 9 AM and ended at 11 PM! What a day. We started out by taking two “trees” to the church. The trees were the tops of two willow trees, beautifully shaped and contorted, 8 feet tall…  I had added many, many individual alstromeria flowers to the trees. Was I worried about transporting them? Just a little!!! They were to be placed on either side of the altar. At 10.00 we had to be at the country club for the reception set up. A cloth swag had to be looped over and hung on an overhead supported by columns. Tables had to be decorated, the arrangement for the gift  table, etc. placed. By 2 PM we were back at the church to finish set up there. Then home to change, back to the church for the ceremony. Afterward we had to load everything up to take to the country club to finish set up there.

Don’t worry, my son Brad took loads of pictures from the time the hard goods arrived in my shop last week, through Monday when the flowers arrived. Then he took pictures as the arrangements became more than a figment of my imagination. He caught us loading everything into the Jeep. (The truck broke down the day before so I couldn’t use it!! If it had broken down the day of the wedding…. ohhhh dear!!!!) Then on to all the venue set ups, the ceremony and the reception fun.  We will edit the photos and make a slide show to put on the wedding website for Pipper’s Flowers.

Dinner was delicious. The music was perfect. It was so much fun! Everyone, from the littlest kids to a couple who had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, had such a great time. This is the way weddings should be! Happy! Celebratory! Excited! and something for everyone.

The bride was wonderful to work with. Initially, she explained her vision. She wanted only green, navy and white for her colors. She wanted a natural look, nothing too formal. But she was open to whatever I decided to do. One arrangement was reminiscent of a garden trellis with flowers growing up through it. She was even open to the use of raspberry colored orchids which we used individually in tall cylinder, glass containers. So we did have a hint of bright color! In the dining room, the rectangular tables were very narrow. Since the bride wanted me to use lots of babys’ breath, I used it here. You will have to see the pictures to see how it turned out!

I love doing weddings! The brides are fun to work with. There is so much excitement and wonderfully creative ideas swimming in the air. When the end product is finally in place we all breath a sigh of relief and wonder! It all actually WORKED!!!  All flower arranging should be this much fun. And it IS!! Every arrangement I do, whether the client can afford only $25 or $300, is different yet in keeping with the recipient’s aesthetic bent: traditional, contemporary, exotic or natural. Thank you all for allowing me to do work which is my heart’s love. Pip