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HOSTESS GIFTS are important!

21may 044

Hello! Visiting friends in their home for a special occasion, such as a dinner party, is so much fun! Especially during the winter months. You’ve invited friends over as well. Or business associates. It is a lot of work to prepare for the arrival of your guests. Especially if you have invited them for dinner. (Don’t forget to place a special flower arrangement on your dinner table!!!) But the main thought here is this. Do you remember anyone bringing you a gift to say “Thank you!” for all your hard work and making the time together special?

Yes, we’ve all brought the standard bottle of wine. But how did you feel about accepting it? Ho Hummm? Another wine I don’t especially like. It doesn’t go with what I’m serving tonight. Or you open it and it tastes like vinegar. Yup. We’ve all been there, done ┬áthat.

So here is a suggestion that will set you out from the crowd, will please the hostess and make her want to invite you again. And all the other guests will want to invite you to something they do! Bring a little something from your florist!!! In the picture on the right are two square glass vases about 4x4x4 inches tall. In the bottom is a flat, old gold, aluminum wire coiled around and around, making a platform on which a yellow football chrysanthemum  rests. You only have to bring one. It will probably cost you about $12 and you know absolutely it will be a big hit! This is the same price as a cheaper bottle of wine from your grocery store!!!

A bud vase with a single rose and a few other supporting flowers, a tussy mussy, a corsage (!) either wrist or pin on, a flower for her hair. If your host is male then bring him a boutonniere! The list can go on and on. Your host/hostess will love you to pieces!

Any time you need a gift for someone, remember your florist. Say “Thank you” or “I love you” or “You are special” or “Hope you feel better” or “I’m thinking about you” with FLOWERS!!!

Your local florist will be happy to help you. With my return clients I always try to remember at some point to give them a percentage off on another arrangement. If a client comes in regularly, a free bouquet is appropriate. You could be given a gift as well for supporting your local business person. And here is the most important thought of all. We should all support each other, no matter what our individual philosophies. We should never judge another – we haven’t walked in his shoes! Loving, respecting others is the most important thing in the world. And we shouldn’t expect payment in return.

Have a great day no matter whether it rains or shines! A smile goes a long way.