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Some thoughts to consider when ordering flowers!

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First of all, and most important, call a local florist. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you think about it, it makes sense. A wire service takes your order and calls the local florist for you. Yes, you can actually choose an arrangement you want to send. BUT. But. These are big buts. Where to begin? First of all, and most important, the money you thought would be spent on flowers doesn’t all go to the florist. The wire service takes a percentage, up to 20%, for their services.

The next “but” is this. When a florist receives the order, if they aren’t hooked up to the wire service, they can’t see what the order is. The order is described to them. Now there are all kinds of things that can happen. The florist has to make some choices. The florist can do his or her own thing with the flowers on hand. The florist will try to come close. That’s one consideration.

Secondly, the florist has to decide whether or not to honor the client’s original price or make an arrangement with the money the service is providing. In other words. If you want to spend $100 on your order, the florist has to decide to lose $20 or make the arrangement for $80. Most florists are on an extremely tight budget as you can well imagine. So, if they are like me, they will make the arrangement for $80. Sorry. That’s life. A small business can’t afford to give away inventory! Not in this economy!

Wire services are not bad people. They definetly perform a service. You just need to be aware of where your money goes. Wire services do a lot for the floral industry. They have scholarships to help florists learn more. They provide in house seminars at local wholesalers, providing local florists with all the latest in research, design, and materials. They have other ways to help local florists, too. There are many things they do to help. So your money goes to a good cause. Just not to your friend…

So, how do you contact a local florist? Using your computer, google a florist in the area of your friend. It’s easy and it works.

When you speak to the florist, be prepared! Think about the person who will be receiving the flowers and why you are sending them. Are the flowers going to the home or someplace else? If they are sent to the home, what decore does your friend have? What are her/his color choices? Do they have alergies? These questions, answered ahead of time, will help the florist a lot!

When you speak to the florist, let the professional know these things: your conversation could begin somewhat like this. “I would like to spend about $50 on an contemporary arrangement for my friend. It’s her birthday. She’s an architect and a little off the wall. The bouquet would be truly appreciated if you can incorporate these ideas in the bouquet. She really loves purple and green“.

Look how much information you were able to give the florist immediately. Wow! Your friend should be truly blown away by this arrangement!

Tell your Mom you love her, before it’s too late.

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I know it’s been awhile since I posted a blog. Mothers’ Day has kept me very busy. I took Monday and today off. Monday to recover and today was my grandson’s 3rd birthday. He’s just the sweetest little guy in the whole wide world. Mothers’ Day… a very special day. Mothers are very special people. Not only have they spent nine months growing a new human being, going through all the physical and emotional difficulties this entails, but they have spent many many years giving their hearts to these new little people. Most mothers care very deeply for their little people, agonize over all the pitfalls inherent in this career, and hope desprately that their actions will¬† only help these little ones grow into healthy, happy adults.

It’s a tremendous responsibility. There is very little training available. Most mothers proceed on a guess and by golly agenda and keep their fingers crossed that all turns out well. Yes, there are many children who are damaged, but there are many many children who turn out to be happy, well adjusted adults.

We spend a lot of time and money and thought promoting the work our military does, thanking the men and women who have chosen this path. But it’s the moms and dads who have raised these people who deserve a lot more kudos than we ever mention. We should be so thankful for our parents and all they’ve done for us day in and day out and all through the long nights. Until you have children of your own you can’t realize what a very hard job it is.

When a parent passes away you suddenly begin to remember all they did for you, but it’s too late to say “thank you”. So think about your parents every day and let them know how you feel. Even if it’s only a hug in passing. Or a quick e-mail to let them know you haven’t forgotten them. Or a neat card you send to them. Or a call. Or a flower you picked on your way home from school. For you mom. I love you. Thank you Mom for being you.

And don’t forget Dad! He deserves recognition too! There are some really good people out there! Tell them so.¬† Have a good day. Pipper